Capitalizing on Caps

Last Saturday I took a Friends of Calligraphy workshop with Judy Detrick, whose work I've long admired but whom I had never met. It was titled "Decorated Caps" and was a fun bouquet of techniques we were given to apply to our own letter designs. The Vs above were probably my most successful experiments.

We started by designing a letter and tracing it onto nice paper, then filling it in with gouache to get a feel for the medium.

For transferring the image to its final destination we used a reddish-brown powder called Armenian bole rubbed on the back of the tracing paper; it was magical and worked really well (and looks suspiciously like a makeup product sold in little terra cotta pots called Indian Earth, very big in the late 60s/early 70s). Seems like there's always some new (to me) "must-have" in the calligraphy/design world!

Besides the gouache we used watercolor, 00 brushes, tape, and .05 Pigma micron pens.

We experimented with framing the letters and filling them in with patterns.

This last one I just outlined and shaded with the Pigma pen, then painted it in.