Belated Bunnies

Easter was weeks ago but I'm just getting around to sorting out photos. My dear friend Kathleen sets a beautiful table for every holiday, and since I'm not much of a cook, my contribution is always place cards. I fell in love with these and the tutorial, with template, here.

I used carnations for the tails (so sweet smelling!) but roses would be cute too.

The stem on the back side holds the bunny upright. They were a big hit!

Flock o' Placecards

I seem to be on a roll here with placecards, party favors and the like.  But they're fun, easy and usually a lot of bang for the buck.  Borrowing (okay, stealing!) an idea from Martha Stewart's "Messenger Birds" and using images from 19th century Arm & Hammer bird trading cards, mostly found on the wonderful Graphics Fairy blog, I put together these placecards/thank you notes for a luncheon at work. 

According to the Arm & Hammer website:  "This early promotion was a hit and lasted, in various forms, for five decades. The first ARM & HAMMER® cards, 2X3 inches in size, were entitled "Beautiful Birds of America". These cards showcased talented artists and they promoted the importance of preserving our environment."

The ink is McCaffery's ivory.  Word to the wise:  the ink was still tacky and the cards stuck together when stacked, even after drying for twelve hours!  Luckily, no harm done.

What fun it must have been to find one of these in your box of baking soda!

Placecards and Pavlova

It's Easter Sunday and we're going to brunch later today with our dear friends; as usual my contribution is placecards.

Once again I've mixed styles: Spencerian for the cap and pointed pen Roman miniscules for the rest of the name. I like the playful look. The ink is J. Herbin Violette Pensee´with some Twinkling H2Os mixed in.

There's a "regular crowd", but I'm always happy when our hostess invites a new "letter". Haven't had an "F" or a "W" in a while!

This year, I'm bringing dessert, too: Pavlova with strawberries. Off to the Farmers Market for the freshest berries to put on top!